Yield Strategies
Introducing Savoie Capital
Savoie Capital LLC is a registered investment adviser (RIA)* that develops and manages customized financial solutions for family offices and institutional investors. Savoie Capital’s distinctive investment programs can be utilized as a portfolio overlay in an effort to enhance yields or independently as market agnostic absolute return strategies.

We are focused on capital preservation and seek to generate investment returns that are consistent with a client’s risk profile. Savoie Capital’s proprietary investment approach integrates quantitative and qualitative methods with a deep understanding of volatility pricing, risk mitigation/management and market insight.

At Savoie Capital our philosophy is simple - what is in our clients’ best interest is in our best interest. We believe in 100% client transparency and liquidity through managed account solutions.

* Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.
Investment Offerings
Savoie Premium
Yield Strategy
Targets 6-8% annual yield
Savoie Premium
Yield Plus
Targets 10-12% annual yield
Growth Equity
Concentrated high-growth US-listed equities
Treasury Yield
Targets 4-6% annual yield with lower risk
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